What have I been doing in the past 2 years since my last post. A TON!!


Build Engineer

I became a build engineer in early 2017. As a build engineer the basic outline of the job is to take Design Documents and build out infrastructure. This could have been done via a command line interface or via an automation tool Terraform or Cloudformation templates). We spent time discussing with the customer their needs and wants as well as current architecture. Another team member would build out and diagram out for them what the environment would look like, we would take that visualization and make it into infrastructure. Once that infrastructure was standing up we would actually have to walk the customer through how to use this new infrastructure that we built for them. This is a long ongoing process of communication to external customers.

DevOps Engineer

In late 2018 I became a DevOps Engineer on the Public Clouds team. We built tools and technology for internally and external teams to be able to do their job in a faster clip. This sometimes meant developing a set of tools for a customer to use to be able to build out infrastructure faster. We used all kinds of tools - Terraform Packer, Python & bash. We also had many opportunities to interface with customers MP that subject matter expert that they would reach out to regarding application infrastructure as well as the best architecture for them. This was always challenging but fun to be able to take on new projects every single day.


Personal and more recently I have been playing more Hockey. I have been spending as much time as possible with our daughter and getting to work remotely has helped that out immensely. I have been working on my health and fitness more by going to the gym 3-5 times a week and playing Hockey 2 times a week. I have also been meal prepping and eating better as often as possibly. No I’m not on a diet but I am eating better. I still do enjoy a little del taco or taco bell.

That’s all that I can think of for right now but I will be updating this as often as possible will also be sharing more about my day-to-day and what I do with customers and clients.