Future Stack 2016

Why did I goto FutureStack 2016? Rackspace prides itself on having the most educated engineers in the industry and being able to send specific engineers to conferences is a large value add for Rackspace as a whole. This is why I was able to attend the new relic future stack 2016 conference in San Francisco. Today I’m going to go over a few of the key takeaways from the conference and how they will be able to be used immediately within our clients infrastructure and application.

Hugo to Rackspace using Travis

After reading Evan Browns post Hugo on the go I was inspired to figure out how to do this exact same thing but as opposed to using AWS I wanted to use Rackspace Cloud FIles and more specfically Rackspace Static Website feature, because Rackspace Cloud Files is an inexpensive way to store and distribute objects, the Cloud Files static website feature coupled with the lightning-fast content delivery network (CDN) is a winning combination in terms of both performance and price.